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BACS brings you original, handcrafted products

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New Arrivals

Discover our latest products made in collaboration with artisans from different communities and countries. We offer a unique handmade product selection – with beautiful, different, one of a kind pieces every season.

Our Signature

Captivating artisanal creations exclusively designed by BACS, embodying the essence of our brand’s authentic craftsmanship and true artistic expression.

Exclusive Collection

By Stefania Pochesci. “Il giardino segreto” has been inspired by the love for nature. Produced from plant- based fabrics, every piece is eco-sustainable, cruelty free and made in Italy with love and passion by the designer.

Timeless Craftsmanship

Exquisite artisanal treasures meticulously handcrafted with passion. Explore our collection of timeless products that embody the essence of tradition, skill, and attention to detail, bringing enduring beauty to your life.

Joy at Home

Discover our collection of handcrafted homewares, home textiles and pillows. Each piece is made of natural fabrics using traditional techniques from around the world with designs that suits every type of decor.

Our Artisans

Our Customers

” I have a bunch of unique finds from BACS that add flair to my house and to my outfits. I love the diversity of designs, which are handcrafted, exotic and also modern!

I love checking back to see what BACS is selling, because the colours and patterns are always edgy, no matter what the season is. “


Bathsheba Fulton

” I have both a Wayuu Bag from the last summer season and a bag crafted from an antique Thai silk robe with leather handles. They are both one-of-a-kind and grab attention wherever I go!

The natural materials and attention to detail in the way they are made make them exceptional. They are perfect for adding flair to any spring or summer outfit, however casual or dressed up I may be. “

Gisela Islas 

Our Philosophy

BACS design blends modern living with ancient traditions.

We believe in respecting artisans by celebrating their unique expressions of culture. Our brand is built on a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and we strive to select products that not only honor the traditions of the past, but also protect the world we live in for future generations.