About BACS

Everything we see, do and experience touches us.

The colors, lines, shapes and textures – all our impressions – taken from nature, travel and art create our sense of beauty, our style. They define what we are drawn to and reflect who we are.

As a Mexican native who has traveled the world for many years,
I have a passion for artisanal work with sensitivity for modern design, in this life journey I got inspired to share these unique products from around the world for all to enjoy while supporting the communities that continue to craft these culturally rich products by hand.

In 2016 I decided to create Bacs design, a brand that offers an exclusive line of handmade accessories, carefully crafted with high-quality materials and a modern, feminine touch.

BACS design values sustainability and strive to empower artisans while respecting their timeless creations that harmonize with modern lifestyles. Join us in making a statement with our unique, sustainable accessories.

– Lizbeth Salcedo Islas