Maza Mini Bag Orange/Blue


Handmade Maza Tote bag

Made of 100% hi-quality recycled plastic

Color: Orange & Royal Blue

Size: 30cm L x 28cm H

Dual Short Handles

Made in Mexico

Made in Mexico

In stock

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This beautiful handmade Maza Royal Dutch bag is part of our BACS exclusive collection of maza bags and born out of the passion of Mexican folklore. This bag is handmade by artisans in the legendary city of Oaxaca, Mexico.

This bag derives its name from the culture of the Mazahuas, an indigenous group of this region.

By choosing hi-quality recycle plastic as material, always committed with the environment, and  entering in a new era of craftsmanship that blends traditions with  beautiful and colourful patterns for a modern lifestyle.

Every bag is unique following our  BACS footprint. Always searching for the authenticity of the craftsmanship products. We have chosen as an inspiration for this bag,  the Dutch Royal colours.

Something that makes this bag so special is how versatile and practical it can be. It can accompany you throughout a beach day or in your daily life.