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Otomi Cushion Beige/Camel


Handmade Cushion cover

Material: manta textile and zipper

size: 40×40

Color: beige & camel

Origin: Mexico

Care: It can be dry cleaned or gently washed by hand in cold water with a neutral soap and not with chemical products. iron in low/medium temperature.

*Do not expose directly to sun to avoid the natural pigments of the embroidery to fade.

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Handmade pillow case featuring Otomi design, meticulously embroidered by skilled Mexican artisans. Perfect for adding a unique touch to any home decor.

Each piece is hand embroidered. Made in a little village tucked among the hills of Hidalgo, Mexico using traditional techniques and the embroidery  is inspired in nature as you can see in the patterns of flowers and animals that are representative of this culture. Every cushion is unique and adds a fresh new look to any area of the house.

Please note that in this collection every design is different, we never have two pillows that look exactly the same.